Sourcing Standards

Banner Image for the Kanna interview covering sceletium tortuosum the image is of found ryan latreille kneeling above kanna cuttings of high alkaloid sceletium tortuosum in a commercial kanna farm sceletium tortuosum cultivation facility for making kanna extracts from high alkaloid strain DV17

High Alkaloid Genetics

Sustainable Cultivation Methods

Benefit Sharing agreements

High quality kanna extracts are only possible using high quality kanna plants. Our quality standards for kanna are determined by genetics, cultivation methods, and ethics.

We only source from growers who use high alkaloid strains of Sceletium tortuosum (Kanna), employ sustainable cultivation methods, and follow South Africa’s Bioprospecting Access And Benefit Sharing (BABS) regulations.

Grown From DV17

Kanna Extract Co young DV17 organic Sceletium Tortuosum plants grown in commercial green house for pharmaceutical grade kanna extracts for mesembrine for bulk, wholesale, and b2b kanna sales

High Alkaloid Genetics

We exclusively source kanna from growers that cultivate high alkaloid strains of Sceletium Tortuosum.

Meaning that these kanna plants have mesembrine, mesembrenone, Δ7mesembrenone, and other active alkaloids at levels of 1.7% or higher.

These proprietary strains of Sceletium Tortuosum are the result of 20 years of intensive cultivation and genetic selection.

These plants are hardier and more resilient in commercial growing conditions, grow faster with less inputs, and have exponentially higher alkaloid levels compared to typical cultivars.

While typical cultivars and wild varietals of kanna can have mesembrine content up to 0.3%, our kanna plants have alkaloid levels up to 2%.

Producing high potency kanna extracts, with effects that can be felt, is only possibly when working with high quality genetics.

Nutraceutical Grade Cultivation

All of our extracts are produced with nutraceutical grade kanna.

Nutraceutical grade kanna is grown with natural air and sunlight, under netted canopy, in modified earth substrates. The plants are tended to by dedicated “kanna moms” that ensure the success of each grow cycle. Nutraceutical grade produces very potent plants at a more accessible price.

Kanna Extract Co industrial organic kanna farm in South Africa growing DV17 Sceletium Tortuosum strains for wholesale, bulk pricing, and b2b kanna distributor
Kanna Extract Co DV17 Sceletium Tortuosum cuttings being washing by hand in preparation for commercial kanna extraction for b2b, wholesale, and bulk distributor priced kanna, sceletium tortuosum, extracts


While there is commercially available certified organic kanna, the active alkaloid levels are near 0.

All of the kanna we source is grown with zero use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or other conventional farming practices that would jeapordize the integrity of our extracts.

As a succulent that has evolved to grow in desert conditions, kanna requires far less inputs than other commercial crops resulting in a much smaller carbon foot print.

At every stage of the cultivation process our growers have strict protocols that reduce waste and conserve natural resources.

Benefit Sharing Agreements

Kanna has been a central part of Khoisan culture for longer than recorded history.

To honor traditional knowledge holders we have created benefit sharing agreements that allocate 3% of all our kanna purchases to Khoi communities.

South African Khoisan children running playing soccer at a school supported by Kanna Extract Co benefits sharing program

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