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Kanna Extract Co. Reviews page banner image showing pure pharmaceutical grade kanna extract powder made from high alkaloid DV17 sceletium tortuosum strains organically cultivated to nutraceutical grade kanna for bulk wholesale b2b and retail customers
An image of a sceletium tortuosum kanna plant that looks like a sun with very high levels of mesembrine that can be used to make wholesale kanna extracts for euphoric and relaxing benefits.

Standardized Potency

An image of a kanna flower of sceletium tortuosum that looks like the sun rich in mesembrine that lifts mood and promotes relaxation

Unique Alkaloid Profiles

An image of a kanna flower of sceletium tortuosum that looks like the sun rich in mesembrine that lifts mood and promotes relaxation

Third Party Verified

High quality plants are only half the equation needed to produce high quality kanna extracts. While plant material can be rich in sceletium alkaloids, these compounds are difficult to isolate and degrade rapidly without sophisticated extraction techniques.

Our state-of-the-art patented extraction process is essential to render kanna extracts that can be accurately dosed, provide reliable efficacy, and are shelf stable in a workable form.

Measured, Reliable Potency

Our kanna extracts are standardized to precise concentrations of sceletium alkaloids.

Kanna contains organic compounds that are responsible for the plant’s measurable effects. The primary compounds include mesembrine, mesembrenone, and Δ7mesembrenone alkaloids.

In raw plant material the concentration of these alkaloids can vary significantly.

Standardized extracts are essential to provide accurate dosing and reliable efficacy.

Kanna Extract Co premium grade kanna extract producing specified mesembrine alkaloid profiles in resin and powder form for bulk wholesale, b2b, and retail customers
Kanna Extract Co BLISS and LIFT extracts containing sceletium tortuosum mesembrine alkaloids made from organic kanna extracts for bulk wholesale retail b2b distributors

Unique Extracts, Distinct Felt Effects

We offer 2 unique kanna extracts: LIFT and BLISS.

Both extracts are of equal potency, standardized to 5% total alkaloids.

The 5% concentration is composed of mesembrine, mesembrenone, and Δ7mesembrenone alkaloids. It is the ratio of these alkaloids to each other that produces different felt effects.

For example, the LIFT Alkaloid Profile is:
85% Mesembrine
10% Mesembrenone
5% Δ7Mesembrenone

Which produces uplifting, energizing, outgoing effects.

While the BLISS Alkaloid Profile is:
60% Mesembrine
20% Mesembrenone
20% Δ7Mesembrenone

Which produces blissful, warm-hug, “melty” effects.

Both profiles are pure kanna extracts of equal potency, but the different alkaloid ratios produce distinct effects.

Extraction Process

Our extracts are produced with a rigorous extraction method that ensures stability and standardization.

The lengthy process isolates kanna’s unique alkaloids and renders mesembrine, mesembrenone, and Δ7mesembrenone in a stable form.

Each alkaloid is bound to mannitol (an inert sugar) according to our extract specifications. Mannitol is required to stabilize the sceletium alkaloids and formulate a workable extract powder.

In this way we are able to standardize unique alkaloid ratios for each kanna extract.

Kanna Extract Co pure kanna extract powder available for bulk wholesale purchase as pharmaceutical grade sceletium tortuosum and nutraceutical grade organic kanna extracts
Kanna Extract Co extraction facility in South Africa producing high mesembrine extracts of kanna and sceletium tortuosum for use in kanna sublinguals, chocolates, mints, capsules, and powder for bulk wholesale b2b of DV17 Sceletium Tortuosum and high alkaloid kanna extracts

FDA Inspected & GMP Certified Facilities

Our extraction facilities in South Africa are both FDA inspected and GMP certified.

These 3rd party verifications certify our production process and facilities meet regulatory requirements.

Strict safety, sanitation, and operating protocols are in place to ensure our extracts meet the highest quality standards.

Transparent Lab Testing

We use third party lab testing to ensure the potency and purity of our extracts.

Each batch is lab tested to confirm alkaloid content and confirm the extract is free of heavy metals and biological contaminants.

Each batch’s Certificate Of Analysis (COA) can be viewed on our Lab Results Page.

Kanna Extract Co third party lab testing using hplc liquid chromatography to measure mesembrine, Mesembrenone, delta7mesembrenone, mesembrenol, Mesembranol, and other sceletium tortuosum alkaloids

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Kanna Extract Company BLISS sceletium tortuosum extract powder on earth tone background with text reading relax, melt and feel blissful, 15% total alkaloids 8% mesembrine, contains x40 25mg servings
Kanna Extract Company LIFT sceletium tortuosum extract powder on rough earth tone background with text reading lift your mood and feel happy, 15% total alkaloids 13% mesembrine, contains x40 25mg servings