Our Kanna Extracts define the standard for kanna purity and quality

with levels of mesembrine potency and purity that surpass any other kanna product.

No other brand can compare!

Kanna Extract Co Home Page Banner Image of Sceletium Tortuosum Kanna Extract Powder with 8% mesembrine content 15% total alkaloids available for sale online as well as bulk and whole pricing

Mother Nature’s
Natural High

Whether you want to socialize or unwind,
our kanna extracts can get you to the right headspace,
without a hangover or comedown.

Feel Relaxation

Release the tension of the day and let kanna give you a warm hug. Kanna is a proven herbal ally for deep relaxation.

Lift Your Mood

There’s a better way to feel consistently happy and optimistic, and the answer is kanna.

Experience Euphoria

Open up socially or play with a friend. With the right amount of mesmbrine kanna can keep you rolling in bliss.

Your best source for pure, effective, ethically cultivated kanna.

When made correctly, kanna has the potential to naturally help you feel better, happier, and more connected.

Whether you are seeking low-dose therapeutic benefits, or high-dose empathogenic effects, our standards for Sceletium cultivation and extraction are best-in-class.

Simply put, our extracts feel different, we invite you to try them for yourself!

Kanna Extract Co young DV17 organic Sceletium Tortuosum plants grown in commercial green house for pharmaceutical grade kanna extracts for mesembrine for bulk, wholesale, and b2b kanna sales

We go above and beyond what other brands are doing.

Most Other Brands:
❌ Don’t know where their kanna is sourced.
❌ Have low levels of mesembrine.
❌ Don’t provide transparent 3rd party lab tests.
❌ Don’t screen for pesticides and residual solvents.
❌ Don’t give back to indigenous communities.
❌ Don’t grow kanna in organic soils.

What Makes Us The Best:

High Alkaloid Genetics

Our Sceletium genetics are industry-leading for potency and novel alkaloid profiles. On average 7x more alkaloids than kanna plants used by major growers.

Potency & Purity

Our proprietary extraction technology produces by far the most potent and pure kanna extracts. On average 5x more mesembrine than major kanna brands.

3rd Party Lab Tested

We use third party lab testing to ensure the potency and purity of our extracts, and we screen for pesticides and residual solvents.

Standardized Extracts

Our proprietary extraction process renders extracts that are potent, precisely dosed, and shelf stable.

Benefit Sharing Agreements

3% of all our kanna purchases are allocated to indigenous Khoi communities.

Ethical Sourcing

We follow regenerative cultivation principles with respect for people, plants, and the earth.


Kanna Extract Co. LIFT sceletium tortuosum extract powder on beige background with text reading lift your mood and feel happy, 15% total alkaloids 13% mesembrine, contains x40 25mg servings
Kanna Extract Co. BLISS sceletium tortuosum extract powder on beige background with text reading relax, melt and feel blissful, 15% total alkaloids 8% mesembrine, contains x40 25mg servings

Want to learn more about kanna?

Founder Ryan Latreille on all things kanna.

In this podcast interview we take a deep dive into kanna’s history, benefits, cultivation and more!

Banner Image for the Kanna interview covering sceletium tortuosum the image is of found ryan latreille kneeling above kanna cuttings of high alkaloid sceletium tortuosum in a commercial kanna farm sceletium tortuosum cultivation facility for making kanna extracts from high alkaloid strain DV17