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Unique Alkaloid Profiles = Distinct Felt Effects

Both LIFT and BLISS are standardized to a 5% total alkaloid concentration, ensuring equal potency. This 5% concentration comprises of mesembrine, mesembrenone, and Δ7mesembrenone alkaloids. The unique ratio of these alkaloids in each extract is what creates their distinct effects.

For instance, the LIFT Alkaloid Profile is:

• 85% Mesembrine
• 10% Mesembrenone
• 5% Δ7Mesembrenone

This composition leads to uplifting, energizing, and outgoing effects.

On the other hand, the BLISS Alkaloid Profile features:

• 60% Mesembrine
• 20% Mesembrenone
• 20% Δ7Mesembrenone

Resulting in blissful, warm-hug, “melty” effects.

While both profiles are pure kanna extracts with equal potency, it’s the differing alkaloid ratios that yield their unique effects.